What does ‘Africa Rising’ mean for Africa’s youth?

What does ‘Africa Rising’ mean for Africa’s youth?

In the past few years, West Africa has been continuely shaken by crises whose origin is nothing but bad governance of its leaders. If it’s not by a classic military coup State (Mauritania, Guinea, Mali), constitutional manipulation tentative (Senegal, Burkina, Togo, or Niger) organized by executives who want to maintain their reign.

In 2012, in my little country Senegal, President Abdoulaye Wade, whose regime was mainly characterized by reversal of democracy, poor governance and widespread corruption, no way considering ending voluntarily to its legislature. Senegalese youths get up as one man to say « Ne touche pas à ma constitution”[i]. Like many of young people in Senegal, I was at the National Assembly of Senegal at 6 AM to welcome MPs and show our disapproval and determination to face this desperate attempt to stay in power. And we did it.

When Blaise Compaore a putschist after 26 years in power was planning to revise the Constitution, to allow himself to run for another term, the youth take brooms to sweep bad governance, political patronage, poverty, lack of respect for human rights in Burkina Faso .

When Kabila as his peers, wants to run for a third term the youths say #Filimbi

When the African organization is governed by a 91-year-old zombie, known as an obstinate and unpredictable person WE NEED TO STAND UP AND SAY STOP.

This decade will be specially characterized by the presidential elections on the continent. In 2012, Senegal, Egypt, Somalia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana went through the process. In 2013, Kenya, Mali, Zimbabwe, Madagascar In 2014, Guinea Bissau, Algeria, Malawi, Egypt, Mauritania, Mozambique, Tunisia, Namibia achieved it successfully. Early this year, Zambia, Lesotho, Nigeria showed the way to the others [1].

Shall we let them to cling to power and continue dictatorship? Are we going to let them fools us, lead our continent adrift, sell our lands, squand our resources and bury any hope of success for more than a billion people? No #AfricaIsNot4Sale.

A new wind is blowing in Africa, symbolized by the youths in quest for democracy, good governance, ethics and justice.

Activists were arrested in Democratic Congo, it proves that our leaders have not understood, the strong desire of young people who populate my CONTINENT. Those who have been arrested are just the tip of the iceberg. We are thousands, millions across the continent to have the same dream, the same aspiration: ‘Africa Rising’. We will fight across the Continent:

To incarnate the generation of democracy, ethics and good governance.

To be the generation which ended the dictatorial regimes.

To be generation that marked the end of monarchical devolution of power

This decade will be the one whenAfrica will achieve true democracy or our generation will fail.

Paul Kagame says at the opening of the 8th annual joint meeting of African Ministers of Economy and Finance : « There are no miracles to develop Africa, but we must initiate policies that will have to be transformed into action »

You can’t stop the sea with your arms: We’re on our way, we are the thousands of millions with ALL the same aspiration: THE RENAISSANCE OF AFRICA.

We have lost an icon of African leadership in the person of Nelson Mandela. With his death he ended the individual leadership and this should give rise to a collective leadership. Who better than the YOUTHS of my continent may illustrate it.

Our generation will not fail because weare ready for the fight, we are awake and we keep standing ……………

#SenegaleseDream #AfricaDreamer #AfricaRising

[1] See table

[i]Don’t touch my constitution.




In power


April 2th 2015

South Soudan

Omar El Bechir

25 years

April 25th 2015


Faure Gnassingmbé

10 years

running for a third term

June 26th 2015


Pierre Nkurunziza

10 years

running for a third term

October 11th 2015


Anticipated because of the October 2014 Revolution, which led to the resignation Blaise Compaoré.

October 11th 2015


Alpha Condé

5 years

running for a second term




10 years


Ivory Coast

Alassane Dramane Ouattara

5 years

running for a second term



Yayi Boni

10 years


Congo Brazaville

Sassou Nguesso

17 years

trying to change the constitution

November 2016

Congo Kinshasa

Joseph Kabila

10 years

trying to change the constitution

August 2017


Paul Kagamé

15 years

Oct-nov 2017


Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

12 years

November 2017

Sierra Leone

Ernest Bai Koroma

10 years

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